Sjøsamisk Tun

Here you can find a brief description of the open air-museum and also some information on activities which will take place on the site.


Sjøsamisk Tun is located in the litlle village of Smørfjord, only 300 metres down from E69, the road to the North Cape, approximately 70 km north of Lakselv. Here you may visit our open-air museum which shows how the Coastal Sami lived around 1900. Sjøsamisk Tun is open to tourists throughout the summer and you are welcome to have a look around or to shop, to stay overnight or just for a welcome break.  

The museum consists of several traditional Sami constructions and items which together show the daily life of the Coastal Sami and their close relation to the nature. The buildings were traditionally constructed by use of trunks and turf (peat).

We can offer accomodation in a traditional Sami tent - lavvo - and it is also possible to put up tents on our ground. In our kiosk you can buy refreshments, souvenirs, locally produced handicraft and fishing gear and also have a taste of traditional food. Smørfjord is centrally located in the Finnmark county and many of our guests choose to use Sjøsamisk Tun as a base camp to visit other destinations in the area. The surrounding nature offers splendid opportunities to hike and there are many good sites for angling and fishing near by. 


Guests are being guided by Jon Egil , the host at Sjøsamisk Tun

The activities at Sjøsamisk Tun have been of different content and character and have mainly been directed towards the local population. Only recently have we tried to build up activities for other groups as well such as schools, business partners, organisations and businesses in general. 

Our intention is to be able to create custom-made packages of events adapted to the needs and wishes of individual groups, which can be combined with what Sjøsamisk Tun has to offer or can be a part of. 

In the following we will present some of the activities which have been arranged by Sjøsamisk Tun in co-operation with local forces and interests. A great deal of the events have had a local colour and we have also attempted to create content based on local traditions as well as history.

Local social gatherings

One of the annual events has been a gathering around local food traditions and the so-called verdde-tradtion which is the name of the co-operation between the local population and the Sami who live by reindeer husbandry. Food based on coastal Sami traditions has been served along with dishes based on reindeer meat. These events take place annually during the summer and autumn.  

Sjøsamisk Tun, Smørfjord, 9713 Russenes